Massage Styles

The choice of massage style (as below) and intensity (firm, medium or soft) is purely at my customers choice, though I am happy to advise based on personal circumstances.  Certain massage styles will require you to remove some clothing, but I use special sheets and towels to make you as comfortable as possible.
All massage techniques used by Suwanna can assist with:


  • Releasing tense muscles;

  • Increasing flexibility;

  • Improving joint movement;

  • Inducing deep relaxation;

  • Assisting postural alignment; and

  • Calming the mind.


Receiving a massage is a very personal experience, and benefits different people in different ways.  I am not a medical expert and so do not make or offer specific or generalised claims of the medical benefits associated with receiving a massage but I do believe that the potenial benefits of a properly given massage can be very practical and real, as supported by the many unsolicitored positive comments offered by my customers.

Prices - All Style Massages


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Your choice of Styles



Couples massage is available across all these massage styles, for family members or friends who want to enjoy their massage experience together.

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