Memeber of Massage & myotherpy australia : Code of conduct

  • I am a member of the Massage Association of Australia and adhere in all respects to their required standards of conduct and behaviour

  • I provide only therapeutic Thai-style massages in a professional, clean and comfortable environment, for genuine customers

  • I have completed formal training, and hold recognised qualifications and experience in various styles of Thai massage, as listed here

  • I adhere at all times to the Association's Code of Ethics as cited below



  1. I have pride in my Craft and Profession and I will therefore take responsibility for my own actions;

  2. I will act with professional integrity and respect in my relationships with patients or clients;

  3. I will at all times be as expedient in my treatment of my patients or clients as I can warrant professionally and I will never prolong any treatment for longer than strictly necessary or otherwise negotiated with my patients or clients;

  4. I will be truthful when advertising my professional services and I will not lay claim to knowledge, skills or qualifications which I do not possess and I shall perform work only in the areas of my competence;

  5. I shall advise my patients or clients when I believe that treatment by another Health Professional may be more appropriate;

  6. I will assist and encourage, exchange knowledge and skills with fellow practitioners and other health professionals; and

  7. I will conform to the relevant local Government and State Government Health Regulations.

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